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Does Your Tap Water Have pH Problems?

Acidic water can be a problem within your home, causing metallic and sour taste, stained laundry or blue/green stains in your sinks and other fixtures.

Furthermore, acid water could be a sign of other major household water issues.

Surface water typically has a pH value of 6.5 to 8.5 (7 represents neutral on a scale measured from 0 to 14). Acid water is classified as water with a pH value lower than 7. For example, household liquids considered naturally acidic are coffee and vinegar. Household items with a pH above 7 include baking soda and soap. These are considered alkaline.

The EPA recommends that public water systems keep a pH level of 6.5 to 8.5, but these levels arenot regulated in any way. Low pH water is considered a “secondary” water contaminant, but theeffects of acid water go beyond taste. It can hit you hard in the wallet, as well.

Signs Your Home Has Acid Water

  • Blue/green stain in your sinks, tubs and other bathroom/kitchen fixtures
  • Rust stains (if you have iron pipes)
  • Low water pressure could be a sign of pipe corrosion
  • Metal corrosion can also cause your water to have a sour or metallic taste to it
  • Your hot water heaters, washing machines or dish washers are not functioning correctly
  • Acidic water, much like mineral-rich hard water, can be tough on your hair and skin

Sources of Acid Water

Groundwater is different than surface water, as it tends to have a lower than average pH than surface water. Water’s pH can change with the variants of rock formations. Limestone works as an acid neutralizer, while granite does not.

In areas where there are lakes or rivers, plants die and decompose, releasing carbon dioxide. A carbonic acid is then formed.

Acid rain can be produced in high-population or industrial areas that contain machines, such as vehicles, or factories that emit a large amount of nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide. Electrical power generation from coal power plants is one of the largest contributors to acid rain.

Are There Benefits of Alkaline Water?

The benefits of water with a level above a pH of 7 are well-documented, but not scientifically proven.

In fact, alkaline water can contribute to scale buildup in your household plumbing and bitter tasting coffee. This kind of water has been marketed to consumers for years, but the evidence that any consumption of this type of water is beneficial from a health standpoint is a pseudoscience.

You’ve probably heard the hype about alkaline water benefits. Is there a correlation between alkaline water and good health? It seems like every other year there’s a new trend in water.

By nature, regular tap water has a neutral pH. You might remember testing different liquids inchemistry class by dipping a strip in them to determine their pH — you can get those same strips at a hardware store to test your water to see what kind of balance your tap water has, but chancesare it will fall around 7, which is neutral.

Myths that involve alkaline water include:

  • Health benefits mixed with lemon
  • Anti-aging claims
  • Illness prevention

Is Culligan Filtered Water Alkaline?

Culligan water is no more or less alkaline than your typical bottled water you’ll find in stores.

Our bodies are designed to function effectively with plain, neutral pH water. They’re designed to find their own balance, and while many health trends come and go, the biggest takeaway is that simple hydration is the key. The more water you drink (to a point) the healthier you’ll be, whether that water is slightly more alkaline, or slightly more acidic.

Want to experience all the benefits of alkaline water? You’ll likely be just as well off saving your money and drinking fresh, filtered tap water. As long as the water you’re drinking is free from harmful contaminants, you’ll benefit from getting your daily recommended ounces (the rule of thumb is at least 64 ounces per day, or eight, 8-ounce glasses) of water.


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