$500 Reward
For the replacement of your old, noisy, inefficient water softener – DEAD OR ALIVE!

Upgrade My System

Reward Includes:

  • $200 off a Culligan® HE Water Softener
  • Expert installation ($200 value)
  • 300 pounds of salt ($50 value)
  • Complete water analysis ($50 value)
Wanted Dead or Alive: Your Old, Noisy, Inefficient Water Softener

New Homeowners: Unsure About Your Inherited Softener?

Finance & Rental Options Available

Consumer Digest Best Buy

Why Trade Up to A Culligan® HE Water Softener?

  • Reduces up to 46% of operating costs
  • Saves up to 2 1/2 tons of salt in 10 years
  • Saves 20,000 gallons of water in 20 years
  • Low maintenance with annual service plans
  • Backed by the best warranty in the business
  • Finance, buy, or rent

How Do I Know My Softener Is Ineffective?

Higher Than Usual Energy Bills
Salt Bridges, Blockages & Frequent Recharge
Hard Water Problems Have Returned

“I had my 15 year old system upgraded. Walter was phenomenal! He had to readjust a few pipes in order for the new Culligan Water system to fit correctly. He made sure everything fit perfectly. He was very professional and detailed with his work and answered all of my questions with ease. Thank you Walter for your fantastic service.”